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In order to find voting information for your precinct, you must first enter an address into the Polling Place Finder. This can be done using one of two methods:
1. Enter your ZIP code and click the Go button. On the address screen, enter your house number and select your street from the dropdown. Click Go again.

The Polling Place Finder opens a precinct information page.

2. Select your county from the dropdown, or follow the link "Click here to select a county from a Minnesota map." When you have selected your county, click Go. Select the city or township where you live from the drop down list and click the Go button again.

Note: You must select your city or township of residence — this may not be the same as the postal city where you receive mail.

Enter your house number and select your street name from the drop down list. Click Go.

Note: If you do not see your street in the city you have selected, click home to find your polling place using the ZIP code method.

The Polling Place Finder opens a precinct information page.

Polling Place

The precinct information page confirms your address and displays the address of the polling place (voting location) for your precinct. The date of the next election is displayed when there is an upcoming election scheduled for your precinct.

To request a map to your polling place, click on the "Maps to Polling Place" link. (If the polling place address does not conform to US Postal Service standards, you will see a map for the city where the polling place is located instead of a polling place map.)

Districts for the Precinct

The Polling Place Finder precinct information page displays your precinct name and lists your congressional district, state senate district, state house district, judicial district, county commissioner district, school district, and county.

"Candidates on My Ballot"

When available, clicking the link to "Candidates on My Ballot" at the bottom of the precinct information page opens the list of candidates and questions that will be voted on in your precinct at the next election. Note: "Candidates on My Ballot" is available only after ballot information has been finalized and verified for an upcoming election.

If you have questions about the location of your polling place or the candidate list for your precinct, contact your county election office or municipal clerk.